Immigration Physical Requirements

When going through the application process for an immigrant U.S. visa, one of the requirements is to undergo an immigration physical. This is a medical exam that is designed to ensure the individual meets the health requirements to obtain an immigrant visa in the U.S. Unlike a general physical, an immigration physical focuses on specific issues and illnesses that could pose a risk to the population or limit the ability of the individual to be productive. It is important that all the required steps are completed in accordance with the law for an individual to be considered for an immigration visa.

Before Your Immigration Physical

It is vital to ensure you follow the requirements needed to not only pass your immigration physical, but use the right doctor, forms and identification. Before you schedule your exam, you need to obtain the correct form and identification needed. You will need to have a copy of the USCIS medical form I-693 to bring to your exam, which can be downloaded from our website. Part 1 should be filled out by the applicant, but do not sign the form. You will also need a photo identification like a passport and the appointment letter for your visa interview. Children 15 or under will need a copy of their vaccination record. Finally, you must choose a doctor who is qualified to perform an immigration physical, like our doctors at Clinica Las Americas.

During Your Immigration Physical

The exam for an adult immigration physical will include a physical exam, x-ray and blood test. A medical history is also obtained as a requirement. These are used to determine if the individual has any illnesses or health-related issues that would exclude them from receiving an immigration visa. The patient must also prove they have the needed vaccinations to be considered for a visa or get the required vaccinations during their physical. Once the exam is completed, the physician will complete the Form I-693 and seal the envelope after the patient also signs the form. This form must remain sealed for it to be admissible.

If you need an immigration physical, contact one of the Clinica Las Americas locations in Houston. Our team will help you make your appointment and tell you everything you need to bring with you to your exam.