3 Questions to Ask at a Well Woman Exam

One of the best ways to maintain your health is with annual exams with your physician. While both men and women should have a yearly physical, the exams may be slightly different. A well woman exam includes a general health physical but may also include a pelvic exam to monitor reproductive health. To get the most from your well woman exam, you should be prepared to ask questions and learn more about your health. Here are three questions to ask during your next well woman exam.

What Is Included with My Well Woman Exam?

Make sure you know what your well woman exam will cover. This is a preventive care exam, not necessarily designed to detect all specific health issues. If you have any health concerns you want to discuss or for which you want to receive testing, make sure to bring these up during your exam.

Do I Need to Add or Delete Any Medications?

Talk to your doctor during your well woman examabout the medications you currently take and whether they are still needed. This can include high blood pressure, cholesterol, birth control and any other medications you take on a regular basis. Your exam could reveal that these medications should be altered or removed to improve your health.

Should I Have Other Tests Performed?

A general well woman exam may include certain tests like a pap smear or blood test, but it does not necessarily include all preventive tests. Ask your doctor about other tests that could be beneficial, such as a cholesterol or blood sugar test if you have a family history of heart issues or diabetes. Women over forty may also want to ask about whether they should schedule a mammogram as part of their preventive care.

At Clinica Las Americas, we offer well woman exams to help our female patients stay healthy. If it has been more than a year since your last well woman exam, contact one of our clinics in Houston to make an appointment.