Ditch The Doctor — Get To The Clinic

Houston Family Physicians

People tend to think of clinics as a place to go for emergency care, or when you can’t go anywhere else. While it’s true that CLA does a lot of emergency care, and has special extended hours, we can also take the place of a doctor’s office. As we’re more affordable, and have special hours, this often works better for families with two working parents, or college students, or anyone who just might have to keep odd hours.

CLA can see your child for their wellness exams as a baby and toddler, but we can also see them for sport physicals and any illness that might occur suddenly. If it’s late and your child can’t stop coughing, that’s what we’re here for. We can also do wellness exams for adults, as well as annual physicals and physicals required by work. Women can come in to get their yearly pap smear done as well. Really, anything that you might have to call a doctor for and wait for an appointment way far off into the future….you can walk right into CLA and get in day of! If there isn’t a Planned Parenthood near you, CLA can also help with sexual health; we offer STD screenings for the full array. As with any other kind of treatment or screening, we’re confidential and discreet. It’s better to come in and get checked out, rather than not know and pass it on.

In addition, CLA offers EKGs (heart tests) as well as X-rays, and both locations have their own laboratories for processing blood tests and any other test you might need to take on-site. Some doctor’s offices don’t even have their own labs, so you can certainly see how a clinic is ahead of the game in some areas.

If you’re tired of the hassle that seems to surround doctor’s visits, from scheduling to trying to get all the kids in, take a look at a clinic instead. Many of them, like CLA, can perform all the same tests and exams you might need at the doctor’s, and at far more affordable prices.