The Different Types of Physicals

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Sports season is upon us! If you’re getting ready to play this summer, come see us for a physical first. We’ll make sure you’re in the perfect shape to play ball.

The Different Types of Physicals

Here at CLA, we offer multiple types of physical exams. Why do this? There are three main types of physicals, and while they tend to all follow the same format, they all check your readiness for different things. If you were a professional athlete, for example, you wouldn’t want a generic physical exam, right? You’d want an in-depth physical exam focusing on your health as it relates to the sport you play. That’s why there are different exams.

The first type of physical exam is a general wellness one. Typically, this should be done about once a year, or whenever you have a new doctor. This exam involves a urine and blood test, to make sure your body is running smoothly. The doctor will also ask you about your overall family history, and if there’s any particular problem that runs in your family. This is where a health plan can be made, but it may often just consist of telling you to take more vitamins and make sure you exercise. Most people don’t need to go in-depth with their general wellness.

The second type of physical exam is a sports physical. This exam measures your readiness for whatever sport you’re currently playing, and for many professional (and even high-scholars) this exam is repeated often. Although things differ depending on the sport, often the doctor will focus on three main things: determining a general fitness level, looking for anything that may cause potential injury, and diagnosing emotional maturity. The first two speak for themselves, but with professionals, diagnosing their mental health is an important part of the game. Say a baseball player is in a slump — at their sports physical, the doctor would try to figure out what could be behind the slump, mentally.

The third type of physical exam is a work physical. Just as it sounds, this exam measures your readiness for any type of job. Typically, workers in construction or other strenuous jobs will be required to get one of these before they start working. It also includes an alcohol test, usually in the form of a breathalyzer, or even a urine sample. The idea behind this is to make sure you’re in good physical condition, especially if part of your job involves lifting heavy material.

CLA offers all three types of physicals, and because we accept walk-ins, it’s easy to get it done. Once you have the results of your physical in hand, it’s easy to go ahead and start sport or work.