What makes CLA so different from other walk-in clinics and major doctor’s offices? Several things, actually! The first is our efficiency. Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office and ended up waiting an hour between the waiting room and then the actual examination room? Then the doctor comes in and it seems like they … Continue reading “Health With A Smile”

Sports season is upon us! If you’re getting ready to play this summer, come see us for a physical first. We’ll make sure you’re in the perfect shape to play ball. The Different Types of Physicals Here at CLA, we offer multiple types of physical exams. Why do this? There are three main types of … Continue reading “The Different Types of Physicals”

People tend to think of clinics as a place to go for emergency care, or when you can’t go anywhere else. While it’s true that CLA does a lot of emergency care, and has special extended hours, we can also take the place of a doctor’s office. As we’re more affordable, and have special hours, … Continue reading “Ditch The Doctor – Get To The Clinic”

We all know our health is important, but sometimes life makes it impossible to manage our health properly. Whether it’s health insurance blues, not being able to arrange childcare, or simply working an unusual schedule, CLA’s walk-in services fit every aspect of your life. Health insurance is something a lot of people struggle with. Many … Continue reading “Why Our Walk-Ins Matter”