Health With A Smile

What makes CLA so different from other walk-in clinics and major doctor’s offices? Several things, actually!

The first is our efficiency. Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office and ended up waiting an hour between the waiting room and then the actual examination room? Then the doctor comes in and it seems like they couldn’t care less that you had to wait all that time. It’s not like that at CLA. As a walk-in clinic, people might expect to be sitting and waiting for a long time, but in fact, it’s very easy to keep things moving along with us. You’ll definitely spend more time in the examination room, and with a doctor as well. The more efficient we are, the more people we can help — and isn’t that what’s most important?

The second is our staff. From receptionist to nurse practioner to doctor, every employee at CLA is kind. Everybody will explain things as they go, and be attentive to your questions, because that’s what matters. Do you ever feel like you’re being rushed at other clinics or major doctor’s offices? That’s not a feeling you’ll encounter here, because yes, we can be efficient and take our time with you at the same time. It’s our efficiency, in fact, that allows us to make sure that you, the patient, are okay before we go any further.

The third is how convenient we are. CLA has two different facilities, both with extended hours, because we understand that life doesn’t always happen 9-5. Yes, the emergency room may be open at all hours, but when you have a sniffle or a throat infection, you don’t want to go there. You want to go to a clinic with friendly staff and efficient understanding. That’s why we offer the same range of services at both locations (with the exception of x-rays.) You shouldn’t have to drive out of your way just because something near you doesn’t have what you need.

CLA makes a difference for the patients we see, because of our efficiency, our excellent staff, and our convenience. It doesn’t hurt that on top of that we have extremely affordable payment plans and as a walk-in clinic, there’s no need to make an appointment. Just come on in!