When Should You See a Doctor for a Minor Laceration?

Knowing when to see a doctor for a minor cut can save you time and money. Not all cuts need a physician’s care, but some may look minor and yet may need the attention of a professional. Your minor laceration may need stitches in order to heal properly or it may be fine with a butterfly bandage or minimal treatment.

When a Minor Laceration Needs a Doctors’ Attention

Minor lacerations are not always accompanied by excessive bleeding. Usually, pressure on the wound will cause the bleeding to stop. If there is profuse bleeding or it does not stop, then a visit to the doctor is warranted.

A cut across a joint is another time when you may want to see a doctor. Some cuts may seem minor, but if they go deep enough, nerves, tendons or ligaments may be damaged. Your physician will advise you ofthe seriousness of the cut. If the wound is gaping, whether or not it is on the joint, it may need stiches. If you can use gentle pressure to press the edges of aminor laceration together, you should have a doctorexamine it.

The location of a minor lacerationis also considered when deciding whether or not a doctor’s careis needed. If the cut occurs on the face or in another significantly cosmetic area, having a doctor look at the wound may help ensure that it heals properly without significant scarring.

Pet Scratches and Nasty Objects

If you get scratched by a cat or other animal, and the skin is broken, it may not seem like a problem; however, you should have it checked by a doctor, especially if you have not had a tetanus booster on schedule. You may need antibiotics to ward off possible infection. Cat scratches in particular have often led to seriously infected wounds when not properly treated. These minor lacerations can be full of nasty bacteria.

When a minor laceration is caused by a dirty or rusty object you run the chance of contracting an infection in the area. This is another situation in which you should seek a doctor’s help.

The doctors at Clinica Las Americas are very caring and compassionate. Our patients appreciate the care with which we handle all manner of medical emergencies. If you have a minor laceration that needs a doctor’s care, give us a call and let us treat your wound and put you at ease.