What Type of Employment Requires Work Physicals?

Work physicals are used to determine a potential or current employee’s ability to perform within any particular role. The reality is, the majority of companies in the United States now require all employees to take work physicals throughout their tenure.

The detail and length of time work physicals take will largely depend upon the requirements of the job. Immigrant works are also required to go through work physicals as a condition of employment. It is important to understand the expectations from work physicals in order to avoid disappointment when applying for certain types of work.

Physically Intensive Jobs

If you apply for a job that demands a lot of physical labor, your potential employer is entitled to determine your fitness for the job. Work physicals for this kind of job will identify any health issues you may have that would prevent you from managing your expected workload. It is also important to project employees from injury, by assessing suitability for heavy work through work physicals.

There are no uniform work physicals, so you may go through a different series of examinations from job to job. It is in your best interests to go through work physicals, for your own safety, but it also helps to know your limitations, so you can choose a career path most suited to your abilities.

High-Stress Environments

Although they are called work physicals, many employers require a mental competency assessment as a prerequisite to employment. High-stress environments are not for everyone, so work physicalsare used to determine a potential employee’s ability to work under pressure. Again, the type of exam you go through will depend upon the specific role requirements of the job.

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