What to Expect from C-Section Staple Removal

A C-section is a major surgery that is used to deliver a baby for many reasons, from fetus distress to having had a prior C-section. There are several ways to close the outer incision and your doctor will decide which method is best for your situation. Staples are commonly used, and you will need to have them removed. A staple removal is actually a simple procedure, but it may make you a bit anxious.

Preparation for Staple Removal

Just like when preparing for any medical procedure, a staple removal will require your practitioner to wash their hands and bring out all medical instruments that may be needed. You will usually be given a sterile paper gown and be asked to lay back on an exam table or bed. The doctor or nurse practitioner will explain to you how the staple removal process works before beginning.

The Staple Remover

The staple remover used works differently than one you would have on your desk at home. A surgical staple remover crimps the center of the staple which forces the two sides to lift out of the skin. A staple removal process goes rather quickly with this specially designed tool.

Pain During Staple Removal

A staple removal procedure is usually not painful at all. If there has been some scabbing or skin build-up around a staple, you may feel a slight pinch, but it shouldn’t be painful. If it is, be sure to let your practitioner know of your discomfort if you have any.

Staple removal is quite common whether it is a C-section incision or a simple cut you obtained. If you have healed properly and it is time to remove the staples, Clinica Las Americas can help you with this common procedure. Staples can help you heal nicely, with minimal scarring. Make an appointment to have your staples removed quickly and easily.