Summer Issues

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In the summer, there are a few different illnesses it’s important to keep an eye out for. The top four are, as follows; food poisoning, bug bites, water bacteria, and poisonous plants.

The warm summer temperatures make a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and spread, especially on food. People also like to cook outside more frequently in the summer, leaving them without proper refrigeration or hand washing that will only help bacteria to grow. In order to ensure your food is at a proper temperature and isn’t overheated, make sure to keep it cool for as long as possible away from the sun.

Insects like mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, and spiders like the hot weather just as much as we do. But if you get bitten by one of these insects, you can be prone to many diseases and infections. Mosquito are the culprits behind West Nile virus and yellow fever, while ticks cause Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Covering up is the best thing to do, though we know that’s hard in the summer. Always make sure to apply insect repellent, though!

Water used for recreational purposes– think pools, hot tubs, and lakes– can harbor harmful bacteria that can lead to infection. Make sure to keep your ears out of the water any way you can, as this bacteria can cause swimmer’s ear which is a painful inner ear infection. Finally, poisonous plants can cause an itchy, painful, red rash all over your skin. So make sure to keep an eye out for poison oak, ivy, and sumac if you are out hiking and working in the yard.

However, if you do catch one of these illnesses, head over to your emergency clinic right away. Unlike most doctor’s offices, they’ll be able to see you faster and set you on the road to recovery right away.