Modern Technology Brings the EKG Home

There was a time when monitoring your heart meant a trip to the hospital or your doctor. You’d have to first make the appointment. After that, you’d have to wait and wait. Once you were seen, your EKG (electrocardiograph) technician would hook you up to wires and sensors that connect you to a machine that would then record your heart activity through spiked lines on paper. Even then, if your heart happened to be working well, they wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on unless you had some kind of heart event they could see.

That’s all beginning to change.

New Horizons

Recent technology puts the EKG at your fingertips or more specifically, your wrist. A new app has been developed in conjunction with smart watches that can help you keep track of what’s happening with your heart anytime. Of course, there are other portable means to monitor your heart. Some are handheld, can be worn as a t-shirt or vest or attached to the patient by patches, but none have been as accessible or widely distributed as the EKG app.

A Step Forward

While it’s very important to monitor your heart health, this innovative technology is not designed to take the place of your doctor. No matter what your portable EKG says, you need to keep showing up for your appointments and taking your medication unless otherwise directed by your doctor. It’s not meant to replace, but to aid.

Peace of Mind

It’s especially important to have this new piece of technology if you’ve been concerned with abnormal heart rates. You can monitor and see what is going on as it happens. No more having to wait for an appointment before you can confirm an issue. These can be lifesaving if you recognize a problem and get help right away instead of putting it off thinking of it as less severe.

We Put Our Heart into It

This advancement in EKG technology is meant to be in partnership with your professional EKG technicians. Visit our technicians at Clinica Las Americas if you find any abnormal readings or need to have a comprehensive exam or stress testing. We will keep all your EKG readings on file to compare and monitor your heart health. Our doctors can spot warning signs, such as irregular heartbeats, poor blood flow, thickened heart muscles or diagnose a heart attack. Visit us online and see what we can do for you.