7 Common Cough Conditions That Require Acute Medical Care

Acute medical care is a term that describes the type of services needed after a sudden illness or accident. It’s short term care, and it’s intended to help you once you’ve left the hospital, but still need treatment or some type of physical therapy. Acute medical care is often needed after specific cough conditions. It can range from very intense nursing to the patient being almost self-sufficient, but with a few medical conditions that require monitoring.

What Are the 7 Common Cough Conditions That Require Acute Medical Care?

  1. URI

This condition is otherwise known as an upper respiratory infection. This designation includes the common cold. It is contagious and can be either bacterial or viral. It affects the nose, throat, larynx and bronchi.

  1. Pneumonia

Air sacks in the lungs are inflamed and may have fluid present. It ranges from mild to life-threatening. Symptoms include cough with phlegm, fever, chills and difficulty breathing.

  1. Croup

Infection attacks the upper airway and results in swollen vocal cords, windpipe and bronchial tubes. Cough sounds like barking, due to obstruction of breathing. It is accompanied by fever and hoarseness.

  1. Bronchiolitis

This results in inflammation and congestion of the small airways of the lung. Symptoms that require a doctor’s visit include vomiting, labored breathing and blue lips or fingernails.

  1. Bronchitis

This is usually caused by a virus. Symptoms, such as thickened mucus and shortness of breath, are uncomfortable, but antibiotics are generally not recommended.

  1. Asthma

Marked by difficulty breathing, it also causes chest pain, wheezing and coughing. Usually treated with any of several inhalers, it must be monitored and controlled. It is directly related to swollen airways.

  1. Sinusitis

This is when bacteria in mucus causes your sinuses to become inflamed. Symptoms include headache, nasal congestion and facial pain accompanied by a runny nose.

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