What You Need to Know Before an Immigration Physical

The road to citizenship can be a long and hard one to travel. There are so many requirements and processes to complete. One requirement is getting an immigration physical. It’s basically a detailed check-up to make sure you’re healthy.

What to Expect at Your Immigration Physical

You will be asked questions regarding your family’s health. They need to know if anyone has any disabilities, if there are any conditions that require medication, or if anyone has had syphilis or TB (tuberculosis). If applicable, you must have paperwork at your immigration physical confirming these conditions and the treatment that was administered.

It is also a requirement that you disclose if you have a history of violence toward people or animals. You must tell them if you have been treated for a mental illness or have had alcohol or drug abuse issues. Proof of proper treatment is required.

How to Prepare

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Watch what you eat
  3. Drink no alcohol for a week
  4. Avoid stressful situations
  5. Dress lightly for the weigh in

Bring These Things

You will need a government-issued ID or a valid passport. Don’t forget your vaccination records are required, and be sure to have payment for the fee. Plan on bringing previous immigration physical reports, if applicable.

Once you get there, they will have additional forms for you to fill out and submit.

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