Seniors In Urgent Care

As you get older, little aches and pains seemingly become a way of everyday life. Seniors face unique health issues as usually, they can’t bounce back as easily as their younger counterparts. They also may have more underlying issues, like heart problems or joint issues — and for many seniors, sometimes it can feel like all they do is go to the doctor for their issues. An urgent care place can help resolve many common issues seniors would go to a doctor for. Here’s a few.

1) Falls: Seniors are usually unsteady on their feet, and sometimes even the best shoes in the world can’t help. For a senior, a fall can mean a number of injuries like fractures, sprains, breaks, and sometimes even concussions. It’s important to be seen right away after a fall, even if there’s no obvious injury.

2) Chest Pain: While the first go-to might be to start thinking about heart problems, there are a number of things that can cause chest pain, like respiratory infections, heart burn, injuries, muscle strain, and other conditions. Chest pain is not something to be ignored though, and again, can be seen and addressed right away in an urgent care clinic.

3) Back Pain: Little aches and hurts might be considered completely natural for some seniors, but when things can be addressed, they should. Not enough people see a doctor for their back pain, and by the time many do, the pain has usually grown beyond manageable. Getting it seen right away avoids more serious medical intervention.

4) Urinary Tract Infections: As we get older, it can sometimes be harder to remember to drink water, and as we get older, it’s when we need that water the most. UTIs can affect any age group, but seniors are at a risk of additional health problem, both physically and psychologically. Getting seen right away will ease their mind, and so will the follow-up guidance on avoiding UTIs.

5) Abdominal Pain: Pain in the stomach or abdominal area is another common reason why seniors seek emergency care. This can have many root causes, including digestive issues, infections, side-effects from medications, and other conditions. It’s always important to get seen, even if it seems like something you should just put up with.

Seniors have lived long enough to earn quality healthcare, yet due to finances or scheduling, they don’t always get in to see the doctors they need to. Urgent care fills in that important gap, and helps keep people in good health, no matter what age group they fall into.