For Kids

Houston Family Physicians

A lot of people think that an urgent care clinic works like the emergency room — you should only go if you’re dangerously ill or injured. It doesn’t work like that at all.

While clinics are great for treating the minor things that emergency rooms aren’t equipped for, like the flu or a sprained ankle, they’re equally as good for the routine, everyday life checkups. Clinics are much more adorable than the emergency room, but they are also often more affordable than going to the doctor’s office. Their hours are also much more convenient as well.

For kids, who may pick nine at night to start throwing up — those convenient hours are important. Instead of bundling up and going to the emergency room and having to wait several hours to be seen, stopping by the clinic leads to getting seen right away and getting a diagnosis right away. It’s not just about getting sick either. If your child has allergies and they’re out of their prescription medicine, a clinic can write and fill that medicine right away.

There are many ways to keep kids safe, and no parent wants to see their child in pain. But when it happens, and it seems like there’s nowhere to go, that’s what a clinic is for. However, if the situation is life-threatening, the emergency room should take top priority.