Cholesterol Control with the Right Foods

Cholesterol control is easier than you think. Basically, it’s about getting rid of bad foods and eating healthier varieties. It’s all about balance.

Foods for Cholesterol Control

It doesn’t take long for cholesterol levels to skyrocket. In fact, unhealthy foods can do a world of damage to your body. The good news is, as bad as the wrong foods are, the good versions can also help with cholesterol control, lowering levels back to normal. That’s why balancing what you eat is so important.


Eating fish just twice a day can lower LDL. This is due to the Omega-3 fats which reduce triglycerides.


Varieties of nuts like walnuts and almonds can promote cholesterol control in many ways. Just two ounces a day can lower 5% of your cholesterol level.


Although consuming soy doesn’t help in drastic ways, it does promote cholesterol control modestly. About 10 ounces of tofu or 2 ½ cups of soy milk can lower up to 6% of your cholesterol levels.

Foods That Damage Cholesterol Control

Like good foods, there are bad. That’s why understanding the bad foods as well as the healthy ones is so important. These unhealthy foods elevate LDL levels and can badly damage your health.

Trans Fats

Trans fats have no health benefits to your diet whatsoever. In fact, they are detrimental. They are simply by-products when turning liquid oil into shortening.

Saturated Fat

This kind of fat encompasses a large group of food products, including red meat and eggs. The truth is, saturated fat can increase LDL, but it can also lower the levels of triglycerides as well. Regardless, in order to maintain cholesterol control, it’s better to avoid saturated fats.

Cholesterol Control is Up to You

In order to maintain cholesterol control, you must make a decision about your diet. Along with exercise and stress control, it is important to always eat as healthy as you can. To reap the most benefits with your cholesterol control, changing your nutrition lifestyle is the key. Visit Clinica las Americas for cholesterol control guidance. It’s easier than you think.