Ankle Sprain 101

Ankle sprains are some of the most common injuries for active people. While they’re relatively minor and heal quickly, it’s still no fun getting hurt during the summer. Follow these simple tips during your summer activities to keep your healthy and prevent injury.

Keep Your Ankles Strong: Weak ankles are more subject to sprain, so be sure that the muscles around your lower legs are in good condition for the activity you are doing. While staying active in general will condition your ankles, try doing basic exercises and stretches at home to take your strength a step further. Circling your ankles periodically and drawing the alphabet in the air with your feet are to exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere.

Use Medical Tape: If your ankles are feeling wobbly or you already suffered a mild injury, wrap them in high quality medical tape. However, only do this as prevention. If you are in pain or are having trouble walking, visit your doctor or an urgent care clinic before you resume activity.

Wear Shoes That Fit: Choose athletic shoes that are the proper size, support your feet, and are appropriate for the activity you are doing. These will keep your feet and ankles in place by avoiding slipping and sliding. It is also important to replace your shoes whenever they get worn out.

Avoid Running On Uneven Ground: Try to only run and play sports on even grass. Otherwise, you can roll your ankle quite easily. If you can’t avoid these areas, be very careful and move more slowly than you would otherwise.

Always Warm Up: Never run or do any exercise with cold muscles. This puts you at risk for sprains, tears, and other injuries. If you are going for a run, for example, start out by walking for a few minutes. Your warmup will vary depending on your activity, but be sure to never skip it.


If you do happen to injure your ankle, visit an urgent care clinic and get inspected by the doctors there. They will diagnose your specific injury and recommend a care regimen. You may have to rest for a while, but be sure to follow their instructions. This will get you back on your feet as soon as possible.