As a young woman, you most likely are already familiar with the term “pap smear”. However, do you know what this test is and why it is important? And do you know when you should have the test for the first time? Let’s answer your questions… What is a Pap Smear? During a pap smear, … Continue reading “How Young Should the First Pap Smear Be Done?”

Sinus issues don’t have to be alleviated with medication. Rather, the Neti pot, a natural alternative, can improve sinus care without all the chemicals. Sinus care just got greener. A natural remedy, used by grandmothers, just became a common alternative to sinus and allergy medications. The Neti pot makes clearing sinuses easy and pain-free, and … Continue reading “The Neti Pot: Natural Sinus Care that Helps”

For every sexually active adult, it is important to ensure health through regular STD screening. There are seven tests that should be conducted regularly or in certain situations. Let’s take a look at each. HIV HIV is the most important test out of all seven. It can cause death if it turns into AIDS. Prevention … Continue reading “Top 7 STD Screening Recommendations”

Work physicals are used to determine a potential or current employee’s ability to perform within any particular role. The reality is, the majority of companies in the United States now require all employees to take work physicals throughout their tenure. The detail and length of time work physicals take will largely depend upon the requirements … Continue reading “What Type of Employment Requires Work Physicals?”

Knowing when to see a doctor for a minor cut can save you time and money. Not all cuts need a physician’s care, but some may look minor and yet may need the attention of a professional. Your minor laceration may need stitches in order to heal properly or it may be fine with a … Continue reading “When Should You See a Doctor for a Minor Laceration?”

When it comes to your health, there are two main types of concerns or illnesses that may need treatment: acute and chronic. While chronic issues are continuous and long-term, an acute condition is usually temporary and short-term. Acute medical care addresses issues that appear suddenly and need immediate treatment but can be short-lived if the … Continue reading “What Constitutes Acute Medical Care?”

An electrocardiogram, or EKG, is a standard test used to monitor and record the beating of the heart. It is one of the quickest tests that can identify heart problems without invasive procedures. For as simple as the test is to perform, it can be a life-saving tool to detect serious issues with the heart. … Continue reading “What Does an EKG Show?”

When going through the application process for an immigrant U.S. visa, one of the requirements is to undergo an immigration physical. This is a medical exam that is designed to ensure the individual meets the health requirements to obtain an immigrant visa in the U.S. Unlike a general physical, an immigration physical focuses on specific … Continue reading “Immigration Physical Requirements”

One of the best ways to maintain your health is with annual exams with your physician. While both men and women should have a yearly physical, the exams may be slightly different. A well woman exam includes a general health physical but may also include a pelvic exam to monitor reproductive health. To get the … Continue reading “3 Questions to Ask at a Well Woman Exam”

As a parent, it can be stressful when your child doesn’t feel well. And this is especially true when they have a fever. You might be wondering how you can help them feel better and when you should take them to get medical help. An urgent care clinic is here to see your child when … Continue reading “A Fever Guide”